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when in europe

and they call me crazy

People always call me crazy —> my thoughts, my art, my poetry, my ideas, my books, my actions, but Eh, that’s life! They say that I’m different, I’m out there, the fact that I think outside the box and see things in a way that most others can’t grasp; plus my utter honestly seems to bother the masses. Ha, and they call me crazy. In the blog I’m writing I will be giving you a few examples of why I think this along with pictures to accompany it. Check this out.

I think that in Europe the Government and other organizations conspire to keep their people thin, yes you heard it, I said it, it’s a fat/thin conspiracy. Now I’m not going to get as deep as lets say, the “New World Order” Conspiracy theory, but I am going to go there/here/my fat/thin conspiracy! In America, so many people are overweight and FAT, FAT FAT FAT… and that’s a FACT! In Europe, this is NOT the case, an overweight person (aside from the visiting tourists) is a rare sight.

Take a look at how the toilets and bathrooms that are built and located all over the European Union; they are as small as they get, just plain tiny and far from comfortable. For instance, check out this toilet I happened to come upon on one of my European getaways.

greece toilet

and they call me crazy

How on earth can an overweight person urinate in this contraption? Can you imagine a “big person” stooping and squatting here, and what if they had to take a crapper, if they had the engage in the act of defecation, yikes!! They would be shit (no pun intended) outta luck. I I lived in Europe, this in itself would give me motivation to stay skinny, I see it as survival of the fittest and slimmest for sure! Last I checked it was 2010, so why on earth do these contraptions exist throughout Europe, they are everywhere. And to think these are still the toilets at the Charles De Gaul airport in Paris, can you imagine that?

and they call me crazy

and they call me crazy

I was in Athens and really had to use the “lou”, so I headed to the ladies room… I walked in, looked left, looked right, total confusion. “Am in the right room”, i ask myself, i go back outside and check the door just to be sure, and Yes, it said LADIES. I walk back in, as other women are washing their hands & going into stalls. “Oh but this can not be right” i tell myself. I check the other stalls and they are all alike. The woman washing her hands chuckles at the fact that I’m totally & utterly confused. “Are we supposed to squat & actually pee in that thing, oh why did I drink that whole bottle of water & that cup of coffee, i gotta go sooo bad but where the heck are the toilets?”. It was absolutely terrifying, what if i was like 300 lbs & what if i didn’t do pilates,how the heck can people use these things. Huhhhh?? With bathrooms like this they have the balls to call us Belizeans THIRD WORLD???

And how about the shower’s? Showering in Europe is dreadful, and washing my long-ass hair is more than difficult to achieve.

small shower in europe

and they call me crazy

Oyyy, this is a topic in and of itself. I’m a mangy 120 lbs and I have a hard time in European shower’s, they are so tiny and claustrophobic like. If I have issues can you imagine an overweight person, I can hardly move in those things, how are people supposed to stay clean if they are big and overweight? Ha, this has to confirm my fat/thin conspiracy theory for sure! And don’t even think about having sex with your partner in the showers, you can forget that, engaging in the act of fornication is a definite double negative. While taking a shower on a sunny summer day in my hotel in Greece, it suddenly dawned on me, they want people to stay skinny, in fact my whole conspiracy theory was born in this very shower. I’ve traveled all over Europe and it’s a rare site to see an overweight person, besides the occasional tourist that comes to visit. On top of all that the portions and food choices are not my usual cuisine (then again this varies throughout Europe, because in Italy I don’t have any problems with food, pizza, pasta, yum yum, gimme gimme). Ok back to my conspiracy, take a look at this un-delicious plate (that I could hardly stomach or eat).

food served in greece

and they call me crazy

I was far from full, believe me. Sprats and a lemon, not my idea of dinner.

So that my conspiracy theory for the day people. The European Union has their shit together for keeping their people skinny with their un-usable grounded toilets, uber tiny showers and oddly small food portions. If you wanna be skinny and stay skinny, move to Europe! No more Atkins nonsense, no more Jenny Craig, no more crash diets, just move to Europe. Ha, And they call me crazy!

youtube with proshka

Catch more of my Antics on the Tube!

I’m sure that anyone who has traveled to Europe can share in my sentiments and probably have your own funny stories to share so feel free to do so here!

angela gegg

and they call me crazy

People always call me crazy —> my thoughts, my art, my poetry, my ideas, my books, my actions, but Eh, that’s life! They say that I’m different, I’m out there, the fact that I think outside the box and see things in a way that most others can’t grasp; plus my utter honestly seems to bother the masses. Ha, and they call me crazy.

FYI – If you cant handle real-talk, don’t read this.

Why is it that when a man and woman break up, the man feels the need to engage in sexual acts with any ‘skirt’ that will allow him to? Is it because he’s so insecure that the only way he can feel better about himself is to do this?

I personally do not get that about (some of you) men. When my relationship has terminated, I often times feel a sense of freedom and release, the weight that weighed heavily on my shoulder is gone, so the last thing I need is to be handing out my ‘lil girl’ to a bunch of other men. I finally feel a break from the stresses of being in a relationship and free from the taint of sexual relations.

Often times when I’m involved with someone I feel as if I lose myself, constantly having to cater to HIS needs, HIS emotions, HIS wants, and they always want to change the free bird that I am. The men in my life want to restrict the human being that I am, loud, outspoken, wild, fun, lets party kinda girl, the men just can’t seem to handle those qualities of me. every time I enter into a relationship I hope that HE can handle who I am and just let me be me, BUT that is never the case. So in the end we always break up. But after that break up, the last thing I need is for another man to come right along; I need a break. Its ME time, me, my friends, my life, the way I dress, the way I party and who i kick it with without any inhibitions. I don’t need another man right away, that doesn’t make me feel whole or complete. I just don’t understand what it is about men that make them have to jump right into the bed of another woman (as my x is doing).

yes, he is a total douche bag

Clearly, I recently terminated a relationship that I was in, and not even a week after, the man I was involved with was engaging in sexual acts with ANYTHING, and i mean ANYTHING that would let him, and I mean multiple women. About a month after we broke up we spoke and he told me that he was sleeping with about 6 different women all under the age of 18, and that he had another 10 on his list. I looked at him and really was just repulsed, the fact that the only thing that he can do to move on is to sleep around. Now mind you, sad but true, this man was younger than I, and really has nothing of his own to offer, he works for his father and lives as his daddy’s shadow, he clearly basks in the reflected glory of another mans’ success. Through our relationship, this never bothered me, because I don’t date someone for what they have but who they are, this situation however, has made me realize that what they have ultimately makes them react the way they do.

If he was a secure, independent man, I doubt he would have taken the post break-up path that he did. This situation has taught me that if I am to get involved with someone it most definitely has to be someone on MY level – my level of thinking, my level of success, my level of business aspirations, just on the same level of me; NOT someone who has done nothing for themselves. I can only assume that his reason for sleeping around is because of the fact that that is all he has, it’s the ONLY thing that really makes him feel like a man.

Any takers on this subject?

angela gegg

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